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World’s first Michelin star worthy beef jerky experience 

Carnal's three executive chef owners have honed their culinary skills for over two decades in Michelin-starred restaurants, including World's Best Restaurant winner, Eleven Madison Park. Drawing on this expertise, they have created a line of grass-fed beef jerky that showcases their meticulous technique and carefully curated ingredients.


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Imbued with Time

After two years of rigorous experimentation in our acclaimed restaurant kitchen, we've perfected a recipe that will revolutionize the beef jerky game. 


Hours of simmering broth


Hours of marination 


Hours of slow cooking

Meet the Chef Team

Our Executive Chef ownership team honed their craft for over a decade in Michelin-starred NYC restaurants like Eleven Madison Park (winner BEST RESTAURANT IN THE WORLD 2019), The NoMad, and Roberta’s. Now, they've distilled their expertise into the world's first beef jerky for discerning food enthusiasts

Chef & Partner

Chef & Partner

Chef & Partner

Black truffle, black garlic, roasted bone marrow, charred scallions

There's no denying the luxury of Carnal beef jerky. Until now jerky has never been elevated with premium ingredients and culinary expertise from master chefs. It's time to experience the delicious flavors and techniques of a Michelin-starred dining experience anywhere you go.

Fire as an ingredient 

At our critically acclaimed restaurant Carnal, the wood-burning hearth is the centerpiece of the kitchen. Just like the dishes on our menu, the jerky process involves slow caramelization over the open flames, creating a savory flavor profile that cannot be replicated with any other cooking method.

We are the species who cooks

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